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We had a great time with customers from all over the world. Canton Fair is so far the best trade show that we've ever been to. We'll stick to what we like the most and we'll get better. Can't wait to see the Autumn Edition coming.  

Lead Prices Surge - Shanghai Lead Hits Over Two-Month High

During trading on March 28th, Shanghai lead prices surged ahead by over 2% amid a general rise in the domestic base metals market. In today, prices peaked at 16,515 RMB per ton, marking the highest level in over two months since January 25th. By the end of the day, the main Shanghai lead contract closed at 16,465 RMB per ton, up by 1.82%.   Tightened Supply is the Primary Driver   Market analysis indicates that the main reason for the surge in lead prices is the tightening supply. News of reduced production from overseas mines significantly impacted the market. Several companies announced temporary halts in mining operations and lead-zinc mine production, intensifying market expectations of a shortage in ore supply.   Maintenance at Domestic Smelters Aggravates Supply Tightness   Domestically, due to the approaching off-season for lead-acid battery consumption, primary lead smelters mostly chose to undergo maintenance during this period, further reducing market supply. According to recent surveys, additional smelters are expected to join the maintenance lineup by the end of the month, further exacerbating market expectations of tightened primary lead supply.   Decreasing Inventory Levels Support Prices   Inventory data also supports the upward trend in prices. As of March 25th, social inventories of lead ingots in five locations monitored by SMM fell to 55,900 tons, reaching a low point in a month. On March 28th, inventories continued to decline slightly to 56,200 tons, indicating a tense supply situation in the market.   Impact of Off-Season Consumption Begins to Show   Despite the strong resurgence in lead prices, the impact of the off-season for consumption in downstream sectors is becoming evident. Downstream enterprises are adopting cautious procurement behavior, and the operating rates of lead-acid battery companies have been declining since last week. According to traditional market patterns, April to May is the traditional off-season for the lead-acid battery market. If subsequent orders continue to weaken, the operating rates of enterprises may further decline.   Comprehensive Analysis   Overall, the current rise in lead prices is primarily driven by tightened supply. In late March, the lead market showed a trend of decreasing supply and demand. Although profits from recycled lead have somewhat recovered and production remains stable with some increase, the market still needs to pay attention to potential supply-side disturbances and the impact of the off-season for lead-acid battery consumption on the market.   Please note that market conditions are subject to change, and the above analysis is for reference only. Investors should exercise caution and consider the latest market information when making investment decisions.


Hi guys,   As you know Canton Fair is an excellent platform for international trade, showcasing a wide range of products and services from various industries. It presents an opportunity to connect with potential partners, explore new market trends, and establish fruitful business relationships.   We are excited to show you our latest products and innovations during the fair. Our team will be available at our booth to provide comprehensive information about our products, discuss potential collaborations, and answer any queries you may have.   Our booth number is: 16.3E13-E15.   We look forward to greeting you warmly at our booth during the Canton Fair. Thank you for your time and consideration.   Regards, KAIYING POWER SUPPLY & ELECTRICAL EQUIP CO., LTD


Dear Customers,   Please be informed that our “Chinese New Year Holiday” will start from Feb, 1st to Feb, 15th, 2024.   Our factory will resume operation on Feb, 16th, 2024.   The sales team will be working from home during CNY holiday. Please don't worry about bothering us. We enjoy being bothered.   We would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your favorable supports during the past years. We wish you all a prosperous and Happy New Year.   Best Regards, KAIYING POWER SUPPLY & ELECTRICAL EQUIP CO.,LTD

Unforgettable Memories from the 134th Canton Fair: A Journey of Successful Meetings with Prospective Buyers

In a remarkable journey marked by fruitful negotiations, the 134th Canton Fair provided an unparalleled platform for businesses to connect with prospective buyers.   As exhibitors, we were privileged to showcase our products to a diverse audience, comprising both established clients and potential customers keen on exploring new opportunities.   One of the highlights of our participation was the series of fruitful meetings and negotiations we had with esteemed buyers and clients. Pictured are our team members actively conversing with a group of interested buyers, who attentively examine samples and inquire about product specifications. The dynamic energy and enthusiasm in the booth were palpable, setting the stage for a productive exchange of knowledge and business insights.   By participating in the 134th Canton Fair, we not only achieved our business goals but also forged lasting connections and memories that will resonate for years to come. We eagerly await the next edition, where we can once again be a part of this extraordinary celebration of global trade and collaboration.  

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